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Clicker 5 tutorials to download

We have a number of introductory Clicker 5 tutorials available to download in Word and PDF formats. You can either download the tutorial in full (about 5 mbs) or you can download the to tutorials in smaller sections.

You can also download the 'Extending Clicker with Penfriend' tutorial which can be found in the section below.

Download the full tutorial (Word)

Download the full tutorial (Pdf)

Clicker 5 Introductory guide part 1

Download the Clicker 5 tutorial part 1 (Word)

Download the Clicker 5 tutotrial part 1 (Pdf)

Clicker 5 Introductory guide part 2

Download the Clicker 5 tutorial part 2 (Word)

Download the Clicker 5 tutorial part 2 (Pdf)

Clicker 5 Introductory guide part 3

Download the Clicker tutorial part 3 (Word)

Download the Clicker tutorial part 3 (Pdf)

Clicker 5 Introductory guide part 4

Download the Clicker 5 tutorial part 4 (Word)

Download the Clicker 5 tutorial part 4 (Pdf)

Clicker 5 Cell properties tutorial

Clicker 5 cell properties tutorial (Word)

Clicker 5 cell properties tutorial (Pdf)

Extending Clicker 5.2 with Penfriend Extending Clicker

With the release of Clicker 5.2 and Penfriend XL version 3.1, it is now possible to have word prediction in Clicker to support learners.

New features include:

To find out more you can download a step-by-step tutorial in either Word or Pdf format.

Extending Clicker with Penfriend MS Word

Extending Clicker Pdf

Penfriend screencast tutorials - to find out more select this link

My Learning Toolbar - Free Download!

Assist-I.T. has developed a toolbar designed for learners with dyslexia related difficulties called 'My Learning Toolbar', which incorporates mind mapping, homophones, speak my answer and a range of other useful tools.

Select this link to download the My Learning Toolbar and find out about other useful tools to support learners with specific needs.

New office tutorials

It's amazing the things you can do in Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

For example, in MS Word it is possible to create colourful cloze tasks, plan essays and projects using mind mapping as well as incorporate audio and video to capture the imagination of your learners.

Discover the hidden secrets of Word by selecting this link

Creating digital portfolios

Joiner traineeThe ability to create stunning, engaging, innovative and accessible e-portfolios using free software and nothing more than a mobile phone or digital camera is catching the imagination of more and more organisations who see the potential it can bring to disengaged learners.

Digital portfolios can be great for class projects. For example, a partnership project with Digital Fife and West Fife Enterprise showcases the skills of young people in a training setting.

Find out more about digital portfolios by selecting this link

CPD online learning

Update your CPD folio by studying one of our CPD online learning courses.

Click here to try the online Accessibility Options learning module

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For further information on any of our courses or services please contact us:
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We have some great resources, free to download. To find out more visit the downloads and links section.

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WordTalk is a free plug-in developed for use with all versions of Microsoft Word (from Word 97 upwards), which can help people with reading difficulties use Microsoft Word more effectively.

Find out more about WordTalk

Accessible Computing

One of the most efficient ways to use your computer is via the keyboard, particularly for people who have a visual impairment.

We have a number of keyboard shortcuts that will increase your speed and boost your confidence! Visit the accessible computing section.

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