Training and Consultancy.

Assist-I.T. provides a number of services at affordable prices.

From small group training sessions and presentations, to practical advice, Assist-I.T. can help to promote a more accessible and inclusive learning environment.

Evaluation feedback from our training sessions suggest that people find them informative and enjoyable.

From schools to colleges and voluntary sector organisations, our reputation for providing a qualitative service is well known.

Assist-I.T. provides training for Dyslexia Scotland, providing valuable ICT guidance to their volunteers who support people with dyslexia.

We are recommended trainers for Penfriend, TAG Learning and 2Simple software covering the whole of Scotland. We are also a recommended Access Centre trainer for students via the Student Awards Agency for Scotland.

Assist-I.T. provide training on a range of software to support learners with additional support needs, for example, Dragon NaturallySpeaking, TextHelp, mind mapping software and much, much more!,

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