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TextHELP Read&Write Tutorials.

TextHELP spelling boxWhat is TextHELP Read&Write?

TextHELP Read and Write is a discreet, integrated solution for people who struggle with reading and writing.

The program consists of a 'floating' toolbar with a range of features such as speech feedback, phonetic spell checking, word prediction & homophone support to address key aspects of reading and writing processes.

With the correct training and support it can help to improve reading & writing skills and boost confidence for struggling learners.

A particularly useful feature of TextHELP is its Spelling Helper. The 'Spell as I type' option will prompt the learner when a spelling mistake is made offering the correct spelling words that are similar to the mistake.

If the user is unsure which is the correct spelling they can select one of the options and have it 'read aloud' with a quality synthetic voice.

The toolbar can be set up to have the tools you require most, for example, if you only need help with spelling, homophones, looking up words in the dictionary, text to speech, then you can edit it with these tools only. This can help some learners to focus on specific skills and areas of difficulty.

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The TextHELP toolbar

TextHELP's Read&Write toolbar is a flexible toolbar which can be positioned to suit the individual learner. If required, it can be docked at the top of the computer screen, just above a Word document. The toolbar contains a range of literacy support tools (depending on the version you have), including a homophone checker, talking calculator, and 'Fact Folder' which can be used for researching and storing information.

TextHELP toolbar

Download a tutorial in Word format to find out more (Version 7 but still applicable to 8)

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Choosing the correct version Read and Write gold

The version you choose depends entirely on the needs of the individual learner. For example, if you are concerned about your spelling and/or have some anxieties about homophone words such as 'their' and 'there etc, then the chances are the Standard version will suffice.

However, if you have difficulties with retaining written information then the 'scanning' option is a particularly useful feature. This means you can scan printed information (be sure to check you're not breaking any copyright laws) and have it converted to Word, PDF or even HTML format.

Either way, once you have scanned and converted the text, you can use the text to speech button to read it back. Read and Write standard logo


If the the Gold version is outwith you budget, it is still possible to buy Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software (shop around and you can pick up OCR for less than £20.00) which will scan text and save it in a Word format. TextHELP standard will still read this aloud.

For more information on Standard and Gold see below:

TextHELP Read&Write Standard 8

Latest features

TextHELP Read&Write Gold 8

Latest features

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Video Tutorials Texthelp video example

The list below contains a range of Read and Write step-by-step video tutorials to support learners with literacy difficulties.

Click a link to stream a file, or right-click and select 'Save Target As' to save a file to your computer where it can be run again and again.

The Toolbar
This tutorial shows you how to start Read&Write Gold and highlights the various features to support literacy.

Read&Write GOLD - Toolbar:

Spell Checking
Microsoft Word already comes equipped with it's built-in spelling checker, However, Read&Write will not only identify wrongly spelled words but will give explanations of each word and read aloud their meaning.

Read&Write GOLD - Spelling

Many learners find words such as 'were' and 'where' or 'their' and 'there' confusing. These words a known as homophones. The homophone feature can identify and highlight homophones and explain the differences of each one.

Read&Write GOLD - Homophones

Having audio support is particularly useful for learners who find it difficult to retain or understand written text. This tutorial outlines the variety of speech features contained within Read&Write.

Read&Write GOLD - Speech

Word Wizard
Lost for words? Many learners who experience dyslexia can often find themselves lost for words, particularly when writing essays. The Word Wizard provides a way of linking or relating the context of a word to another word so learners can quickly find the word to write.

Read&Write GOLD - Word Wizard

We all need to use a dictionary from time to time. But what if you had a talking dictionary at your disposal? Read&Write does just that – type the word you’re looking for and Read&Write will read the meaning to you.

Read&Write GOLD - Dictionary

Read&Write Gold contains a very accurate OCR (optical recognition character) feature for scanning text which can then be edited. Read&Write will allow you to edit, extract and read aloud scanned text.

Read&Write GOLD - Scanning

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Assist-I.T. are recommended Access trainers for students via the Student Awards Agency for Scotland.

Assist-I.T. provide training on a range of software to support learners with additional support needs, for example, Dragon NaturallySpeaking, TextHelp, mind mapping software and much, much more!

To arrange a training session get in touch:

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