joiner traineeIn a joint project between Digital Fife and Assist-I.T. trainees at West Fife Enterprise spent the day creating their own e-portfolios.

West Fife Enterprise provides a range of training courses for young people including joinery, metal work, welding and ICT.

These short video clips represent a collection of their individual experiences at the training centre. In essence they are e-portfolios of their personal skills and qualities.

The trainees also showcase some of the products they have made such as wine racks, bird feeders and other products. They also explore their workshops and training environment as well as their colleagues and tutors.

In the words of some of the trainees, 'it was the best day we've ever had', 'I'm just so happy to have had the privilege.

All photographs and video clips were taken and edited by the trainees. For most of the trainees it was the first time they had used this form of technology within this context.

e-Portfolios is an inclusive and engaging form of learning while helping to support literacy and ICT skills - essential core skills.

You can view a small selection of their e-portfolios by selecting the video clips below or alternatively you can view all of the video clips by visiting YouTube. To view the e-portfolios on YouTube select this link

This is a partnership project with Digital Fife, West Fife Enterprise and Assist-I.T

.Digital Fife West Fife

Creating e-Portfolios

Steven Strathearn

The Metal Workers

The metal workers

John Miller

Greg and Jason

The Joiners



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To find out more about e-portfolios or to arrange a training session please get in touch by email or phone: 0771 704 2670.