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Penfriend XL and XP.

Penfriend XL is a powerful screen reader with text magnification, coupled with Word Prediction and On-screen Keyboards in many languages.

Penfriend XL in classWhat is Penfriend XL?

Penfriend XL is built on the well established Penfriend XP. As well as multiple languages it adds screen reading and multiple onscreen keyboards. It will be of value to anyone learning foreign languages.

It will provide speech feedback and screen reading of virtually any text from web or word processor in native voices, highlighting words as they are spoken.

It will also simplify the typing of European languages when your computer is set to operate in the UK. It comes with several lexicons for each language which currently include French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Swedish as well as UK English and the soon to be added Gaelic.

It even has Latin lexicons. It will also help those with dyslexia and physical disabilities in English and any of the other languages it covers, providing the highest quality word prediction available.

Penfriend XL is particularly helpful for:

...“and I’ve got my Penfriend on, Miss!”

To find out how Penfriend is used in a classroom with pupils who have addtional support needs you can download a PDF document '“and I’ve got my Penfriend on, Miss!”

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Penfriend can read aloud menus and much more

Pefriend predictionPenfriend can now read aloud menus, dialogue boxes, web pages and other content on screen through MS Active Accessibility.

If you have suitable voices installed (several are freely available), it can speak in many European languages.

You can now read French text with a French voice or German with a German voice! It even highlights words as it reads them, making it easy to follow.

Word prediction in many languages

Word prediction in modern languages, including French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Swedish and Latin. It also has new and improved English lexicons, and enhanced options for better learning and prediction.

On-screen keyboards in multple languages

Pefriend onscreen keyboardOn-screen keyboards for multiple languages, making it easy to type accented characters, or to get a feel for writing in other languages. It will be valuable for anyone learning or working with foreign languages and even for native speakers of those languages wanting to type their language on a UK keyboard.

Who will benefit?

It will be valuable learners with additional support needs such as dyslexia, reading and writing difficulties. Learners with English as an additional language (EAL) will also find it valuable.

It will also help mainstream students of languages, whichever language they know or are learning. Even native speakers will benefit from the onscreen-keyboards.

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You can download the latest version of Penfriend by selecting this link (3.0.37)

To find out more about Penfriend XL select this link to download a PDF file

Listen to high quality voices that can be used in Penfriend

English: Lucy

French: Claire

German: Lea

Spanish: Maria

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How much does it cost?

Penfriend XL sells for £120 for a single user, and £30 for additional users. Scottish educational establishments can get special pricing from Learning and Teaching Scotland.

Penfriend XP logo

Penfriend XP: Version 3

Penfriend XP can help dyslexic and physically disabled people to write faster by predicting the next word they want to type.

Highlights in Version 3 include:

To find out more about Penfriend XP Version 3 select this link to download a PDF file.

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