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Learning Resources.

This is your one-stop shop to a range of interactive and engaging learning resources!

The aim of the Learning Resources section is to bring you a number of resources to meet different the needs of a range of learners, for example, age and ability.

As well as interactive task in MS Word, for example, Cloze exercises and colourful and engaging numeracy tasks in Excel we also have resources for some of the popular programs such as Clicker and ClozePro.

Interactive Tasks using MS Word

Cloze Tasks in MS Word

The Solar System

Solar systemThis activity contains a drop down word bar.

Click in the space below the relevant planet and then select the matching word from the drop word bar.


Click here to download the Solar System activity

The Digestive System

Digestive system

An colourful interactive task which identifes different parts of the digesitive system.

Click in the relevant box and type the name of each part of the digestive system.

There's also a 'fill in the missing' words at the bottom of the picture.


Select this link to download the Digestive System activity

Using Word to calculate sums

Counting in WordDid you know you can use Word to check calculations?

Type the answer in the box below the sum, then click in empty box next to 'Check' then click on the Numeracy Toolbar to check the answer.



Select this link to download the Counting activity

Other resources include:

Word and Picture Matching 1(suitable for younger learners)

The Romans (Picture Matching 2) (suitable for younger learners)

Mobile Phones (suitable for older learners - Communication Access Level 3)


Colourful and Engaging Numeracy Tasks using Excel Spreadsheets.

Interactive Excel Tasks

Times tables using Excel

Times Tables 1 through to 12 (Before you download the times tables spreadsheet, ensure you change your ‘Macro’ settings in Excel. This can be done by selecting ‘Tools’, ‘Macro’, ‘Security’ and under the ‘Security Level’ tab select either ‘Medium’ or ‘Low’.)


Easy sums using spreadsheet

Easy Sums (1+1, 1+2, etc)

Easy Sums (2+1, 2+2, etc)

Easy Sums (3+1, 3+2, etc)

Easy Sums (4+1, 4+2, etc)

Easy Sums (5+1, 5+2, etc)

Easy Sums (6+1, 6+2, etc)

Easy Sums (7+1, 7+2, etc)

Easy Sums (8+1, 8+2, etc)

Subtracting New tasks to be added soon!

New Icon

Easy Sums (10-1, 9-1, etc)

Easy Sums (suitable for younger learners) (mixture)

Adding and Subtracting (suitable for younger learners)

Interactive Computing Crossword

Crossword in ExcelYou can use this as a learning resource for Information Technology at Access Level 3 / Intermediate Level 1.

If the clues are too difficult, you can edit them by clicking in the text clue/text box.

Select this link to download the interactive computing crossword

Click here to download the instructions

Supporting Learners.

Learning and Teaching Scotland

Learning and Teaching Scotland

Learning and Teaching Scotland provide information, publications, links to organisations, materials and resources to support the educational inclusion of all children and young people.

Pupil using assistive technology

Select this link to find out more about supporting learners and inclusive learning

Assist-I.T. works in conjunction with Learning and Teaching Scotland - Inclusive Education.

Select this link to visit the Learning and Teaching Scotland - Inclusive Education select this link.

Assistive Technology Resources

These informative articles illustrate how assistive technology can be used to promote greater inclusion.

Access All Areas: disability, technology and learning, edited by Lawrie Phipps, Allan Sutherland and Jane Seale contains advice and case studies relating to disabled people and students with learning difficulties.

Download and read the Access All Areas Article

Scottish Further Education Unit's (SFEU) Broadcast article on promoting inclusive learning in Further Education. Read the Broadcast article

ScotFEICT provides a mix of news, views and information on matters relating to elearning. ScotFEICT is aimed at the Scottish Further Education community. The Special Educational Needs and Disability Act (SENDA) requires colleges and universities to make 'reasonable adjustments' and provide 'auxiliary services' to enable disabled students to participate in education and archive their potential.

This informative article explores the issues pertaining to SENDA and assistive technology.

Read the ScotFEICT article on assistive technology and how it can be facilitated within the FE sector.