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Mind Mapping - Inspiration Tutorials.

IntroductionExample of mind map

What is a mind map?
Mind maps are tools which help you think and learn. Mind mapping (or concept mapping) involves writing down a central idea and thinking up new and related ideas which radiate out from the centre.

By focusing on key ideas written down in your own words, and then looking for branches out and connections between the ideas, you are mapping knowledge in a manner which will help you understand and remember new information.

The Reading and Writing Difficulties section has additional information on mind maps including free mind mapping software

Select this link to visit the Reading and Writing section

To discover more about mind maps and how they can be used select this link

Inspiration as a mind mapping tool

Inspiration is a brainstorming and concept mapping tool for visual thinking and learning.

This latest version of Inspiration can be used right across the curriculum in all subjects for brainstorming, planning and organising.

The program includes tools for outlining, diagramming, webbing and pre-writing to help the learner develop thinking skills and structure their research or other work.

Inspiration helps teachers and pupils to tap into their creativity and organise their thoughts. New features include hyperlink to any file or web site, 50+ curriculum-rich templates and more. Inspiration is now interactive whiteboard enabled and synchronises with Inspiration for Palm OS.

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Inspiration Tutorials

Take the Inspiration Quick Tour

The Inspiration Quick Tour is a comprehensive tutorial illustrating the key features of Inspiration 8. You'll see how easy it is for students to brainstorm, plan, organize, outline, diagram and write. Plus learn how Inspiration's integrated diagramming and outlining environments work together to help students comprehend concepts and information across the curriculum.

In addition to the system requirements listed below, you will need a QuickTime® player to view the Quick Tours. To get QuickTime, click here.

Easy to follow tutorials

Click here to download an Inspiration tutorial (introduction)

Discover everything there is to know about Inspiration by visiting Jim Birney's Inspiration resource site

Mind mapping resources

A huge range of resources for mind maps, brainstorming, visual thinking, resources, ideas and software programs.

To visit select this link

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Mind Mapping in MS Word

Did you know that it is possible to do mind mapping in MS Word? If you have Word XP or 2003 then follow these steps to start mind mapping in Word!

Example of Word mind map

To download a Word mind map template select this link

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TAG Learning and Assist-I.T.

TAG learning logoAssist-I.T. are recommended resellers and trainers for Inspiration. If you would like to arrange a training session get in touch:

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