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Accessible Computing.

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Are you making the most out of Windows XP and Microsoft Office?

This section contains a range of hints, tips and shortcuts to help increase access to your computer so you can make the most from popular programs such as Microsoft XP, Word, Excel and much, much more.

To find out how you can make your computer more accessible to best suit your needs, try out our easy-to-follow tutorials.

Keyboard Shortcuts / hotkeys.

One of the most efficient ways to use your computer is via the keyboard, particularly for people who have a visual impairment. We have a number of keyboard shortcuts that will increase your speed and boost your confidence!

Insert the Date and Time using keyboard shortcuts

Using the keyboard to set the time and date

You can quickly and easily insert the date and time into your Word documents. Simply press 'Alt' and 'Shift' on the keyboard and press 'D' for the date.

The date will appear wherever your cursor is on the screen.

This can also be done for inserting the time too: press Alt, Shift and then T and the time will appear.

Align text in MS Word

Align text keyboard shortcuts

Did you know you can align text in MS Word by using the following keyboard shortcuts?

Place the cursor at the beginning (or at the end) of your chosen text and press the following keyboard keys:

Ctrl + E to Centre align text, Ctrl + R to Right Align text and Ctrl + L to Left Align.

Use the keyboard to do 'right click' mouse button actions

Right click keyboard shortcuts

Using the right hand mouse button can give you quick access to a range of Windows and Office features.

Press and hold the 'Shift' key and the press the F 10 key.

Alternatively, you can press the right hand mouse key positioned between the right hand side Alt and Ctrl keys.

To select a menu item use the down or up arrow keys. Press 'Enter' to activate your menu choice.

Close programs/applications quickly and easily

Alt F4 keyboard shortcuts

It is possible to close most Windows programs, for example, MS Word and Excel by using two keyboard key presses: Alt + F4.

Hold the Alt key down and press the F4 key on the top row of the keyboard.

You can use the tab key or the arrow keys to 'save' or 'exit' from the program.

Minimise programs with ease

Minimise program keyboard shortcut

No need to rely on the mouse to reduce or minimise programs.

Hold the Alt key down and press the spacebar to reveal the minimise drop down menu.

Select 'n' to minimise the program/application.

You can quickly maximise the program by pressing and holding the 'Alt' and 'Tab' keys (see above for more details)

Select a single word or line of text

Select a line of text with keyboard shortcuts

In MS Word type in a line of text. Now select the line of text by pressing Shift and the down arrow key.

To select a single word of text repeat the same process but include the 'Ctrl' and use the right hand arrow button.key.

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